Protected Room

The UNI EN 1143-1:2009 certified, protected room with resistance grade III (third) represents a complete structure located on our sites; the structure does not include any site perimeters.

Access to the protected room, which forms part of a protected setting, is only permitted to authorised personnel, equipped with door-access badges. Access is monitored, recorded and video-surveilled.

The storage areas are equipped with a fume collection system connected to an automatic gas (Argon) arresting system; this completely automatic system enables the water systems to operate more promptly and effectively, in inert fashion on the materials stored in the protected rooms.

To ensure the best support storage conditions and to avoid losses owing to atmospheric temperature ranges and the build-up of humidity, environmental conditions within the protected room are kept within the following range: 18°-24°, 45%-55%, being the ideal conditions in which to store the high capacity units, as identified by digital media manufacturers.

The protected room is completely separate from the outside environment and therefore has a forced air system, assisted by a dedusting system. The high atmospheric pressure within the protected room protects external particles contaminating the inside of the room.

The marginal locations of our structures when compared to Client headquarters, which are normally located in large city centres, ensures that they are at much lower geographic risk when faced with natural, socio-political events, etc.

The locations housing our maximum security Vaults are characteristic in terms of the limited risk of earthquakes or flooding.