Colocation Services

Housing and Colocation services are designed for companies who need an Hybrid-cloud solution with their own hardware and a dedicated data center services, at the Server Farm DSS operating unit located in Fidenza, including through customized solutions.

DSS provides rack space in Housing or co-location where the customer can place their disaster recovery systems.

DSS can reserve the client a standard Rack 42U or 20U, lockable and only accessible to the customer's staff, and subject to the agreement, the only qualified staff of DSS.

The allocated equipment at the Server Farm DSS will be accessible remotely by the customer through a wide area network in one of the following ways:

• Through the DSS cluster firewall;

• Through equipment installed by the customer;

• Optionally, on customer request, it will be possible to activate DSS at a dedicated Internet line and / or MPLS.

DSS behind request, it is able to provide also public IP -.

In an emergency scenario (test or real), DSS provides client workstations in a special room located in the same building of the Server Farm, with the following features: restricted access, controlled and video surveillance; the workstations will be available to the customer for a period of time agreed in the contract stage.

The Server Farm DSS features

DSS Server Farm mail features are characterized by the high security standards implemented to ensure the security of the site.

Physical Security.

Physical security is ensured through a number of measures to avoid the risk of an intrusion of unauthorized person to the server farm.

- The site is strictly controlled by skilled personnel;

- Access to the premises is restricted by gates protected by armored doors;

- Access is traced and access is controlled by a badge reader;

- All the glass in protected areas are shatterproof;

- The dedicated local ventilation system is under pressure, and thus prevents the dust to enter or contaminants the security area;

- The premises are equipped with anti-thief alarms and CCTV video-surveillance system;

- The entire structure is subjected, outside working hours, to continuous monitoring by Surveillance Company.

operator attendance.

Access to Server Farms is allowed, for safety reasons, only authorized personnel from 8:00 to 18:00 Monday to Sunday. It’s possible to request extraordinary access in case of:

- custom customer requests;

- emergency requests.

Emergency electrical devices.

The entire building is protected from power outage thanks to an integrated back-up batteries (UPS) specially sized and UPS diesel power.

The protection is able to guarantee continuity of operation even in the face of severe and prolonged interruptions of power supply.

The whole system is subjected to periodic tests to verify full functionality of all components.

Fire and flood protection system.

There are smoke and water sensors to allow diagnosis and timely interventions in situations of potential danger.

Air conditioning system.

The farm DSS server is equipped with a redundant air conditioning system, able to ensure the correct operating temperature of the apparatus.

The temperature is constantly monitored in order to detect any anomaly and intervene in a timely manner.