Media Off Site Storage

The Media Off Site Storage service enables the storage of IT files containing corporate information within protected rooms (UNI EN 1143-1:2009 with resistance grade III-third).
With reference to the conservative plans and strategies governing organisation of EDP centres, Data Storage Security guarantees the availability of support 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, providing complete solutions serving to physically protect the data, ensuring the reset of IT services and consequently, continuity of company activities.

Data Storage Security guarantees

•    Digital media collection and delivery service according to time frames agreed upon with the Client, carried out by dependable and qualified personnel
•    Storage and management of digital media within protected, certified rooms with humidity and temperature control
•    Technology supporting the control of the movement and stocking of digital files in real-time
•    Suitably equipped transport means which comply with high safety standards
•    Use of means only designed to transport digital media, where armoured transport services are prohibited
•    Transportation of digital media in reinforced and certified boxes
•    Availability of digital media 24 hours per day, 365 days per year
•    Coverage all over Italy


•    The certainty that "data" will always be available even subsequent to the collapse of the IT infrastructure
•    A copy of your "data" in a secure location
•    Place your trust in a certified Supplier, one of a kind within the sector
•    Full traceability of your "data"
•    A service which can be personalised according to Client requirements
•    SLA within 24 hours