Transportation box


The boxes used by DSS to transport digital media are subjected to various tests carried out by both private organisations and official bodies and have passed the most stringent quality tests; they meet the highest of requirements within the industry, military and extreme sports fields in terms of protection against knocks, immersion, resistance to humidity, corrosion, stacking and falls.

box trasporto DOSS


The boxes boast the following certifications:

•   The STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41 certifications: having passed various demanding tests: vibrations, low temperatures, dry heat and impact
•    ATA (Air Transport Association) - Specification 300: resistance to knocks and jolts
•   Ingress Protection Ratings (IP) - EN 60 529: 1992: IP67 (Ingress Protection, class 67), the protection of solid particles (first number) and liquids (second number); number 6 represents resistance to dust (6 is the maximum class) and the number 7 represents the protection in the instance of immersion (8 is the maximum class for all types of immersion)
•   NATO (NSN) stock number: used for military applications (NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization code)